Weed Control

Types of Weeds

Plant and Algae Identification

Frequency of applications

OWL has applied for and been approved for a permit for Chemical application for weed control. Here is a copy Treatment Notice. PLEASE!! take time to read this very important notice. It lists the Chemicals the applicator MAY use to control ONLY THE NON-NATIVE INVASIVE VEGISTATION AND TO CONTROL VARIOUS ALGEA BLOOMS that may be present in the lake. The information regarding the water usage restrictions, such as swimming, garden and turf irrigation, associated with each chemical is also noted. Aqua Weed Control along with board president, will be doing a Lake Survey May 13th to identify areas that will require treatment. Treatments are not scheduled on weekends or Holidays. Please look for the bright yellow signs on the lake side of your property that are referenced in the TREATMENT NOTICE.

Types of Chemicals Used

How You Can Help Reduce Weeds

Don’t Fertilize your Lawns

Many home owners work hard to get beautiful lawns, but your fertilizer is a culprit in our wee problem. Did you know that is you use the water from the lake, you are getting all the nutrients you need from the lake water?

Fire Pits

Burning your leaves or wood near the lake is also discouraged for the health of the lake.

Lawn Clippings and Leaves

Make sure you are not dropping cut grass or leaves into the lake, this also promotes weed growth.