Welcome to Woodland Lake, this website is brought to you by The Organization of Woodland Lake (OWL), a volunteer, resident led organization .  Our goal with this website is to to connect and inform residents, make sure those looking to buy on Woodland Lake or visit the lake can find the information needed to enjoy and keep our lake healthy.

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6/20/2024 – Updated Q&A on the installation of Timberchar

6/11/2024 – **Notice*** Read more information regarding Algae treatment and what each riparian needs to do.

5/16/2024 *** NOTICE**** Weed Treatment will start Tuesday, May 28,2024. North of the bridge will also get an Algae treatment. See more info here.

5/13/2024 – Annual Meeting- Wednesday, June 12, 2024: 7:00pm Brighton Township Hall, Buno Road

9/8/2024 – Click here to read the letter from the Health Department about harmful Bacteria.

9/8/2023 – See press release from Gov. Whitmer about being Septic Smart

9/2/2023 – *****NOTICE******

There appear to be Harmful Algae Blooms along the Hilton Rd area of the lake.

We are waiting for a report from Livingston County Health Dept.

Please avoid swimming in areas where water is green and looks like spilled paint. It could be very toxic to humans and pets.

EGLE also advises that areas that are not green should be safe for swimming.

8/22/2023 – The water Quality Page was updated with important information about the effects of wake boats on our water quality.
8/22/2023 – Meeting Minutes Updated
6/14/2023 Father’s Day Ideas – Purchase your Woodland Lake attire in person or preferably online.

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