Below are the elected Board Members and Neighborhood Representatives. Interested in joining this group? Fill out the contact us form, and we would love to include you.

President – Anita Grapentien, Hideaway Beach Drive
Vice President – Doug Mancini, Hilton Bay Court
Treasurer – Tim Happ, Hacker Road
Recording Secretary – Bill Loughead, Hideaway Beach Drive

Neighborhood Representatives

John Boland, Hideaway Beach Drive
John Guidobono, Orion Drive
Stan Lawrence, Oak Knoll
Dan Louiselle, Causeway Drive
Jennifer Marks, Hilton Rd.
Tim Roberts, Hunter Bay
John Robinson, Oak Knoll
Doug Taylor, Oak Knoll
Katie Tierney, Lake Bluff
Cheryl Wasilewski, Hacker Road
Russ Ward, Waterfront Drive